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Wabo®FS Bridge Seal

Pre-compressed, Foam-supported Silicone Bridge Expansion Joint System

Wabo®FS Bridge Seal is a foam-supported silicone joint seal for bridges made of monolithic foam construction. The pre-compressed design allows for ease of installation and the flexibility to handle variations in joint size.


Made of a 100% acrylic impregnated polyurethane foam seal, and coated with a highway grade UV stable silicone, the system is designed to provide the best-in-class water and fuel resistance.


The Wabo®FS Bridge Seal System has been validated and passes cyclic testing. This procedure determines the durability and performance of the joint system during 200 cycles in compression and tension, at severe skews and various temperature ranges.


Wabo®FS Bridge Seal is capable of accommodating movement to +/-60% of the joint opening. Uniform bellows allow free movement of the foam seal system under its entire movement range, without initiating tension in the silicone surface seal.


Where is Wabo®FS Bridge Seal used?

Recommended applications included:

  • Sealing joints on bridges and highways
  • Retrofitting, maintenance and preservation of bridge expansion joints
  • Secondary seal for other expansion joint systems
  • Parapets and soundwalls

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Full silicone capabilites


Watson Bowman Acme is leading the bridge maintenance and preservation industry with its full line of silicone technology bridge joint systems.


Wabo®FS Bridge Seal

Wabo®FS Bridge Seal is a pre-compressed, foam-supported silicone bridge joint system. Comprised of a 100% acrylic impregnated polyurethane foam and coated with a highway grade UV Stable silicone, the foam seal is designed to be permanently bonded to the joint substrate.

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The Wabo®SPS expansion joint system is a preformed silicone joint sealing system designed to accommodate movements and varying joint widths on bridges and other civil structures requiring watertightness of expansion joints.

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Wabo®SiliconeSeal is a dynamic, high performance, two-part silicone sealant designed for a variety of bridge expansion joint applications.

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