With the combined resources and experience of Ingenico Group and EVO, you no longer need to invest time and money to build your own payment solution from the ground up.



is the global leader in seamless payment, providing ISVs with a comprehensive range of fixed, wireless, mobile, and unattended payment solutions designed to support multiple industries and use cases. Ingenico Group’s secure hardware and flexible software enable seamless integration with your existing technology.


is a leading payment processing partner in the iPOS space, supporting hundreds of ISV payment integrations that provide strong revenue streams to our ISV partners. With honest pricing, fast and secure transactions and outstanding service and support, EVO is one of the most innovative and customer-focused payment processors in the industry today.

As partners, Ingenico Group and EVO work closely with you to provide the payments technology and security to power and protect your software solution. We help you navigate evolving PCI security standards, solve the complexities of EMV, and create a seamless payment experience for merchants and their customers. 


What to Expect from a EVO EMV Solution:

Easy and Cost-Effective


• State of the art yet simplified
• Reduced points of failure
• All-inclusive pricing – integration, hardware, licenses and support

Safe and Secure


• Compliant with PCI DSS and PCI PTS security standards
• Pre-certified applications
• Ad hoc architecture and protection algorithms

Flexible and Feature Rich


• Multiple hardware configurations – wireless, mobile, unattended, signature capture
• Single software platform
• Support for EMV tip adjustment, partial authorization, tokenization and gift card processing


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