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The next time your software vendor tells you to add software, ask: 

Time to implement?
Impact on my clients and vendors?
Disrupt my business?
Require additional upgrades?
Cost more to maintain?
Require new hardware/peripherals?
Additional training?

And of course, here’s one for you: should the software be upgraded or should you review your business first to see if your processes are working correctly? 

Software can’t fix your business.  We can. We’ve heard too many  stories of companies that have spent millions for software with either no return on their investment.

Worse, once implemented, it didn’t solve the underlying business issue – disconnected or non-existent business processes.  We make sure that your business processes are designed correctly before automating them.   CSDP is the only service relationship management software developer that leads every client engagement with consulting. 

Customer Service Delivery Platform Corporation

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