Onboarding - Week 4

Learning Objective:

In this final week of your onboarding, we want you to learn how to prepare data for further analysis in external software and how you generate a report and present it.

After you have completed this week's tasks, take a moment to celebrate! This is a great accomplishment and will enable you to get more value from eye tracking, faster!


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This week's tasks:

This week is about making things real: Finish your first eye tracking study, create insights and present them.
You might have internal stakeholders that want to understand the value of eye tracking.

As a best practice, we recommend you to present your report to your colleagues and stakeholders. It is important that you learn how to talk about eye tracking as you will receive many questions about it!
If you want to continue analyzing your data in another software, we also show you how to export your data.

Additional tasks:

If you plan to do advanced analyses of your data in another software such as Excel, MATLAB, SPSS or R, you can either use data export or metrics export, depening on your use case. You can do the additional tasks in the hands-on materials if you want to dive deeper into data analysis.
For academic researchers: There is a wealth of good literature out there what should be included in your method section. One article that can be recommended is by Lisa M. Oakes (2010): Infancy Guidelines for Publishing Eye-Tracking Data.