Onboarding - Week 3

Learning Objective: First understanding how to do data analysis

  • Qualitative analysis using the video replay and the visualizations
  • Segment and aggregate your data with Times of Interest (TOIs) and Areas of Interest (AOIs)
  • Quantitative analysis using Metrics
This week is the most intense and it is great if you can plan in some extra time for the supplemental materials!


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This week's tasks:

Download the materials on the right hand side. This week, you will create your own visualizations which are often used to illustrate eye tracking results. You will also draw Areas of Interest (AOIs) which allow you to relate eye movements to certain parts of your stimuli and Times of Interest (TOIs). Lastly, you will be able to create your own metrics. This statistical output often forms the core part of your eye tracking results.

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Supplementary Materials

Additional tasks:

Analyzing your eye tracking data to extract insights from them will likely be the most demanding and complex part of your eye tracking research.
Depending on your research paradigm and study design, you will want to use different tools in our software. On the right side, you find additional materials related to visualizations, dynamic stimuli and tools to get more insights from your statistics such as AOIs, TOIs and Intervals.