Onboarding - Week 2

Learning Objective: First understanding how to collect eye tracking data

  • Understand how to position your participants
  • Learn how to perform the calibration
  • Assess the quality of your data
  • Create a data set you will use for part 3 and 4
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This week's tasks:

Download the materials on the right hand side. They contain a description of your tasks as well as materials to work with. You will learn how to position participants correctly in the head box, how to calibrate them and finally create a data set you can use during the rest of this program.
Use the sample solution to either compare your design or as a new starting point. Your solution can look different and still be correct as there are multiple ways to achieve the same result.

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Supplementary Materials

Additional tasks:

For the more advanced learners, the webinar "eye tracking data quality" is highly valuable as it explains the background to what good data is, why it is important and how to validate it.
As a preparation for next week, the two learn articles on independent variables and participant groups and on event and behavioral coding are a great read. They give you ideas how to get more out of the analysis tools.