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System of Agreement : 
A new framework for agreements

In June 2018, DocuSign announced its new vision for a consistent business agreement management: system of agreement.

This strategic vision arose because developments to information and business management systems resulted in the advent of systems of record and systems of engagement, for a range of processes such as commerce and communications. Over time, a gap grew between these two systems regarding agreement process automation (contracts, validation, etc.).

According to a study carried out by DocuSign and Geoffrey Moore, all businesses have a system of agreement, whether they know it or not. It is usually put together over time, endured rather than optimised for company processes, barely or not at all digitalized, full of manual processes, involves long turnaround times and is often at the mercy of human error. This old type of system of agreement represents a pointless loss of time and money. It also has a negative impact on the experience of clients, staff and partners. More generally, considering that every business has to deal with agreements - no matter its size or sector - old Systems of Agreement significantly reduce productivity in the long-term, whatever the industry.

For all these reasons, DocuSign helps businesses set up a digital and fully automated system of agreement, thanks to its own products or strategic partnerships for each stage. DocuSign offers clients the chance to integrate Arkhineo within the DocuSign Agreement Cloud platform, giving them an Electronic Archiving System with probative value.