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The second edition of the report « E-Invoicing, E-billing Report 2017 » has been released in May 18th. 

This report is the reference study of the global e-invoicing market and brings details about specific regions. Some countries are already considerably advanced in this field such as European countries and Latin America, but a vast majority of organization have not yet decided upon one system or service. 

A high number of providers offer solutions and services for this matter. In this phase, it is important to have up-to-date information and guidance in order to select the right partner. It gives all the relevant information for succeeding with an E-Invoicing project.

Therefore, in this report, the author has listed several e-invoicing software providers, and CDC Arkhineo (third-party archiving) has been profiled as a complementary and essential service of e-invoicing. Arkhineo is the leader of e-archiving, and offers a solution in SaaS mode to preserve all types of documents and guarantee their integrity. 

E-Invoicing, E-Billing Report 2017

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