Upon registering you will receive a confirmation email containing further details on hotel registration, logistics and payment.


Consent to Use Your Image and Contact Information

By registering for this program, you acknowledge that Simplify is a public event, and you hereby acknowledge that Logile will engage photographers and/or videographers that may take pictures and/or videos of Simplify events, which may include your photograph, likeness or video showing you at an event (each, an “Program Image”).

You hereby grant Logile and its agents the right (i) to take Program Images, and (ii) to reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute, copy, publish, display and otherwise use such Program Images, without restriction and without consideration, as Logile may elect in its reasonable discretion, which may include for marketing and other promotional purposes.

In addition to the foregoing, you acknowledge that, an important function of Simplify is the attendees’ and vendors’ ability to network, and that, therefore, during the conference, you hereby grant Logile and its agents the right to identify you as an attendee of Simplify to vendors attending and/or sponsoring the event (the “Conference Vendors”), and to supply your name, job title and employer name to such Conference Vendors.

In the event that you object to any of the foregoing, please contact Simplify Registration at (972) 550-6000 ext. 1001, or via e-mail at Simplify@logile.combefore completing your registration. Please be advised that the act of registering will constitute your express written consent to the matters discussed above.