Medical Device Excise Tax Services

Manufacturers and importers of medical devices are subject to a new Federal tax, the Medical Device Excise Tax, as of January 1, 2013.  This new tax has challenges for corporate tax departments for calculating and reporting the tax.  Challenges include: determining what constitutes a medical device, extracting taxable transactions from accounting systems, determining what the correct sale price is for tax calculation, managing exemptions based on third party use in further manufacturing or exportation, and reporting medical device excise tax and making later adjustments.  

DMA understands these challenges and has created a proprietary software solution to effectively administer the tax.  DMA’s MDET professionals include tax specialists, attorneys and technology resources who have effectively worked with clients to resolve their issues with this new tax. 

DMA is a top-tier tax compliance and advisory services firm. Over the last two years, I have come to rely on DMA as they deliver timely, are extremely flexible, and produce an excellent work product.

- Karen Oldakowski
Controller, AmSty

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