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An HRD’s Guide to Workplace Wellness

Your checklist for improving mental and
financial wellbeing

Did you know 4% of payroll value is lost through wellness-related absence in the UK every year? 

There is a clear link between stress and workplace performance. At Capita we have developed an approach to address the issue, starting with redefining wellness, and exploring its influence on employees’ ability to contribute to their full potential.

With this in mind, we have produced a free guide for HR Directors and business leaders
In this guide we will help you
  • Define wellness and its benefits to people, performance, and profitability
  • Make cost savings through presenteeism
  • Increase levels of engagement, effectiveness and efficiency
  • Reduce costs associated with disengaged employees
  • Create clear financial ROI
Creating a workplace free from physical, mental and financial stress is an area in which HR can take the lead in directly improving company performance.
Want to know where to start?

In our guide for HRDs we provide two simple checklists to assess how mental and financial wellness are being addressed in your organisation.

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