Application-Specific Chassis
for a Naval ISR Upgrade

Atrenne Integrated Solutions recently engaged with a customer tasked with upgrading a threat protection system for a mission-critical NATO naval surface program. This system will be used to detect and identify small craft, determining if they pose a potential threat and transferring information to a fire control system if they do. Our customer’s technology refresh used a new COTS-based architecture based on 6U OpenVPX with high-bandwidth Gen-3 10.3 Gbaud backplane fabric connections; these high-bandwidth connections pose signal integrity challenges that had to be addressed to insure system success. The upgrade also included new high performance 6U OpenVPX DSP processor module, which increases the cooling requirements relative to the legacy system. Download our case study for a summary of how Atrenne was able to deliver an application-specific solution, meeting the required schedule and providing support for technology critical to the mission. 

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