COTS Enabled Rapid
Development to Deployment

In Military, Aerospace and First Responder applications, System Integrators targeting highly rugged applications often utilize conduction cooled modules because of their superior performance in harsh environments. While the deployable product often needs to be highly ruggedized (e.g. ATR form factor), this has not been practical for development and demonstration phases due to the fluidity of the design and the lead time of a customized rugged chassis.
System Integrators often perform early development activities using COTS commercial grade air cooled modules and an air cooled development chassis. While this approach has low up-front cost and short lead times, the air cooled development chassis and payload are not able to be re-used for deployment.  The end result is that another new purchase of rugged hardware is needed.
After listening to our customers, Atrenne Integrated Solutions came up with the D2D (Development-To-Deployment) approach allowing customers to use the same ATR platform through their program lifecycle.  Download this white paper to read about the D2D ATR which is as comfortable in the lab as it is out in the field.

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