Deploying Commercial Electronics
at High Altitude

While commercial hardware, available from your local electronics store, is lower-cost and available off-the-shelf, it is challenging to deploy at high-altitude because it is not designed specifically to perform in the extreme conditions found in airborne platforms. These types of applications present many challenges including extreme temperature ranges, varying atmospheric pressures and high levels of vibration. Commercially available components are simply not designed to operate in these conditions. Some say it can’t be done! This paper will discuss how Atrenne was able to overcome these challenges and successfully enabled our customer to deploy an ISR system with commercial components in an airborne vehicle required to operate at well above 50,000 feet. Introducing COTS components into these applications creates additional challenges that Atrenne was able to solve, reducing cost and time to market compared to custom ruggedized solutions. We take the cover off the box and describe how we were able to achieve this remarkable result with commercial electronics. Download this white paper to learn exactly how we were able to do it.

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