OpenVPX™ Interoperability and
Rugged Signal Processing

The ANSI/VITA 65 OpenVPX standard provides a system framework that drives interoperability for OpenVPX modules.  Today, there is a widely available interoperable ecosystem of OpenVPX-compliant COTS products that system integrators can leverage for rapid prototyping and deployment. For example, COTS OpenVPX development chassis support a wide range of slot counts, both large and small, and are available in both air cooled and conduction cooled payload types.
OpenVPX enables integrators to match up modules with compatible backplanes and chassis.  However, in order to achieve true OpenVPX interoperability, you need to understand how the OpenVPX system of module, slot, backplane, and power profiles fit together.  This white paper provides a short and concise introduction to OpenVPX terminology and explains the key architectural features of the standard. 

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