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We use Geneia’s advanced analytics to integrate claims and utilization data, clinical outcomes, and benefit information to create one holistic view of each member that enables our physician and hospital partners to improve the quality and cost of care. As a result of this all-inclusive approach to population health management facilitated by Geneia’s solutions, Capital BlueCross is improving the health of its members while simultaneously increasing member and provider satisfaction.”

Dr. Denise HarrCapital BlueCross, senior medical director

“As a practicing family physician, I know firsthand that the demands on physicians are unending. With Geneia, we’re giving our physicians a tool that easily fits into their existing workflow and easily yields information and insights to help us meet the needs of patient populations while personalizing the time and care offered to higher need patients.”

Dr. Michael W. Warren, president of PAL, a physician organization with 22 practice sites and more than 500,000 patients.

Learn how Geneia’s analytics solutions help health plans, hospitals, and employers.

Writing that “Geneia tackles data
integration with gusto,”
Research recently name Geneia
and its Theon
® analytics platform to
its top 20 list of the most prominent
analytics vendors in population
health management in the February
2016 Clinical Analytics for Population
Health Management report.

The Theon® platform is a population
health and care collaboration system
that helps providers deliver more effective and
efficient care using actionable data and analytics.


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