TDWI Best Practices Report:
Accelerating the Path to Value
with Business Intelligence and Analytics

What determines the level of downstream value delivered by BI and Analytics?

With decisions riding on the timeliness and quality of analytics, Business stakeholders want a higher return on investment (ROI) in BI, analytics, and data management.

One of the key ways to achieve higher ROI with Business Intelligence is by reducing the “time to value”—that is, how long it takes from the inception of a BI or analytics project to its completion and delivery of anticipated business value.

This TDWI Best Practices Report focuses on current experiences with realizing value from BI and analytics and how organizations can accelerate the path to higher value.  This report looks at multiple factors impacting the ability of organizations to quickly derive greater value from data and analytics, including:

  • organizational issues
  • practices
  • development
  • technological innovation

Learn what TDWI uncovered that can determine the level of “downstream” value delivered by BI and analytics by downloading this research report.