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Analysis of Initial Public Offerings for Companies Valued at $1 Billion or Higher

The Unicorn IPO Report

Unicorn companies went public at a significantly higher clip in 2018, nearly a 54 percent increase in 2018 unicorn IPOs over 2017, with the 20 IPOs outpacing the number of unicorn offerings in 2016 and 2017 combined (18).

In this special report, Intelligize’s Rob Peters and Alyson Clabaugh leverage public company filings and other data from the Intelligize platform to examine the activities of unicorns entering public markets in a variety of different areas, including corporate governance, time-to-market, fees, accounting, and other emerging growth issues.

The analysis also reveals a “herd mentality” among unicorn companies in stock class structure, board structure and composition, time-to-market, and executive compensation disclosure.

Download this special report today to gain more insight into these mythical creatures.

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