The April roundup of enforcement actions, TRACE news and events and this month's highlights.   




April 2017 

This Month's Highlights

Based on download data from the TRACE Member Resource Center, we reveal the top three guides that our members are utilizing. Learn how they could help your compliance program. Pascale Dubois has been appointed Vice President of Integrity at the World Bank. Watch TRACE President Alexandra Wrage and a panel of experts at the Council of Foreign Relations, discuss the costs and benefits of policing international markets. The materials and recording from the last TRACE Webinar, Operation Car Wash and Anti-Corruption Trends in Brazil, are now available for download. 

Compendium Roundup

The case against Magyar Telekom Plc executives is now closed, after the final two defendants agreed to settle charges this month. The executives agreed to pay a total of US $400,000 in penalties. The World Bank debarred Consia Consultants ApS for 14 years after finding that the company had likely engaged in corrupt activity in connection with projects in Indonesia and Vietnam. An employee of the Indonesian unit of Lulu Group International was convicted of bribing an Indonesian tax official to eliminate the company’s US $5.8 million tax liability.

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Spotlight On: The TRACE Member Resource Center 

The TRACE Member Resource Center is a comprehensive online database containing thousands of anti-bribery compliance documents and local law guidance for almost every country. 

Below are the top three resources our members are downloading that you could be making use of with TRACE Membership.

Local Agent Requirements by Country - A quick guide as to which countries require you to use local agents. 

Per Diem Rates by Country Chart - Guidance on the per diem rates for international business travel. 

TRACE Compliance Clauses – A standardized set of anti-bribery clauses developed with significant feedback from in-house counsel from multinational organizations. 

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The Right Woman for the Job 

The World Bank has long been a leader among international financial institutions in the global fight against bribery and other forms of corruption. By rigorously monitoring its projects and sanctioning those who engage in abuse, the Bank has not only prevented misuse of its own funds, but has helped elevate the ethical standards by which all international development and commercial projects are judged.

In her role as the Bank’s first Chief Suspension and Debarment Officer, Pascale Dubois has played a central part in this achievement. Read on

TRACE News and Press

Compliance and Enforcement Trends from the 2017 TRACE Forum
TRACE held its 13th Forum on March 29 – 30 in Washington, D.C. Read a summary of the discussions and takeaways from the two-day event.
FCPA Blog, April 4, Alexandra Wrage

Corruption and Commerce: The Costs and Benefits of Policing International Markets (video)
Watch TRACE President Alexandra Wrage and a panel of experts at the Council on Foreign Relations discuss the costs and benefits of policing international markets.
Council on Foreign Relations, April 6, panel discussion

Government Technology Reduces Corruption
As governments experiment with removing the personal element and providing visibility into transactions, they’re finding - at least anecdotally – that the pace of bribes slows.
Forbes, April 13, Alexandra Wrage

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The materials and recording from our latest TRACE webinar, Operation Car Wash and Anti-Corruption Trends in Brazil, are now available. View the recording online or download the presentation

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