The March roundup of enforcement actions, TRACE news and events and this month's highlights.   




March 2017 

This Month's Highlights

The TRACE Third Party Management System (TPMS), a streamlined, user-friendly platform for developing a more efficient due diligence workflow, has been enhanced with new reporting and notification features. TRACE President, Alexandra Wrage, comments in the The New Yorker article, Donald Trump’s Worst Deal. Cambridge University Press has been named winner of the 2017 TRACE Innovation in Anti-Bribery Compliance Award. Did you know that TRACE offers complimentary global compliance events for employees and third parties of TRACE member companies? Learn more.

Compendium Roundup

Dutch bank ING Groep N.V. disclosed investigations by Dutch and U.S. authorities regarding corruption and money laundering related to VimpelCom. Nigeria filed charges against Royal Dutch Shell Plc and Eni SpA, alleging that the companies made corrupt payments related to the purchase of an oil license. And Airbus Group SE disclosed that France’s Parque National Financier is investigating allegations of corruption and bribery that are also being investigated by the U.K. Serious Fraud Office.
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Spotlight On: TRACE Third Party Management System (TPMS) 

The TPMS is designed to enable organizations of all sizes to develop an efficient workflow for third party risk management and due diligence. The TPMS dashboard provides users with an overview of the reports and metrics that are most critical to their due diligence checklist. Schedule a demo

Through the TPMS users also have access to our automated third party risk assessment tool, TRACEsort which enables users to consistently rank vendor relationships by risk and create an audit trail.

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The 2017 TRACE Innovator in
Anti-Bribery Compliance Announced

Cambridge University Press has been named winner of the 2017 TRACE Innovation in Anti-Bribery Compliance Award for the creation of a global compliance app. The Cambridge University Press app was created in response to the need for clear and accessible guidance for their global sales and marketing teams who found that compliance issues regularly arose when making sponsorship or marketing deals. The app offers practical guidance on real-life compliance challenges the Cambridge University Press sales and marketing teams face in their day-to-day jobs, all available at the click of a button. 

Read the full press release or find out more about the IACA. 

TRACE News and Press

Donald Trump’s Worst Deal
Companies must remain vigilant even after a contract is signed, monitoring its foreign partner to be sure that nobody involved is engaging in bribery or other improprieties.
The New Yorker, 13 March 2017, Adam Davidson

No + $ = Yes
Bribery is theft and the message that is being promulgated over the last few years means the whole world is talking about how you move away from these levels of corruption.
The Manufacturer, 21 March 2017, Nick Peters

The Growing Case Against Corruption
Interview with TRACE President Alexandra Wrage about global anti-bribery efforts.
CCCA Magazine, Spring 2017 edition, Michael Dempster

Did you know that TRACE offers global compliance events for employees and third parties of TRACE member companies?

TRACE offers a variety of complimentary global events to support the training needs of our members.

These include: 

New Compliance Chapters: Taking place in Houston, Seattle, London and Dubai, Compliance Chapters offer an opportunity for compliance professionals in TRACE member companies to share insights, exchange best practices and build community. 

New this Year - European Forum: This event will be hosted annually in London starting this year and will provide updates on European anti-bribery regulatory and enforcement developments, as well as guidance on compliance best practices. More information coming soon.

Workshops: Practical, informative anti-bribery training for employees and third parties hosted around the world. 

Roundtables: These small-group, advanced discussions facilitate peer-to-peer interactions that focus on the priorities and concerns of each participant. Roundtables are held globally and are led by a senior TRACE attorney. New European roundtables have been announced and will take place this summer in Hamburg, Amsterdam and Geneva. 

Forum: Hosted annually in Washington, D.C., this flagship event offers practical compliance advice, benchmarking with peers, and in-depth analysis of the latest international anti-bribery regulatory developments.

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TRACE Events and Webinars


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The 2016 GER: Keeping the “Global” in “Global Enforcement Report”

In 1977, the U.S. Congress jump started the modern-day anti-corruption movement with its passage of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Since then—and at a growing pace—other countries have joined that movement by passing their own foreign-bribery laws, spurred in part by international agreements and directives like the OECD’s Anti-Bribery Convention.

The road from enactment to enforcement can be long. The FCPA sat virtually dormant for its first 25 years, with only a handful of cases prosecuted. The subsequent upswing has been dramatic, making the U.S. the world leader in foreign-bribery enforcement, responsible for about 46% of all currently open investigations. Read on. 

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