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Dealing with Anti-bribery and Anti-corruption Laws Including FCPA

  • Are you responsible for anti-bribery/anti-corruption in your organization?
  • Is tracking 3rd party issues like trying to find needles in a haystack?
  • Is your company spending too much to minimize regulatory penalties?

Learn more about Hiperos’ approach to managing the complexity of 3rd parties to avoid regulatory penalties. First, Hiperos helps organizations Segment 3rd parties to determine which have the most inherent risk, then uses Automated Controls to gain more information on those 3rd party relationships. Lastly, Hiperos continually Assesses and Manages those relationships to administer remediation and mitigate risk.

Our presentation begins with an introduction from Drew Geiman, Third Party Risk Director of Huntington National Bank providing a high-level overview of Huntington’s approach to third party management.

Hiperos associates Greg Dickinson, Chief Executive Officer, and Eliot Madow, VP of Client Services, discuss the process in further detail and some of the results clients have seen.

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