Cost-Benefit Analysis

of Using the Cellares™ Cell Shuttle™ Platform for Autologous CAR-T Cell Therapies

Total manufacturing costs continue to be one of the biggest challenges currently faced by Cell Therapy (CT) developers and manufacturers. To help address this challenge, Cellares has pioneered the Cell ShuttleTM - a fully closed and automated, high throughput platform for CT manufacturing. To demonstrate the advantages of this solution, Cellares has developed a cost analysis model based on multiple cell therapy processes. This report includes:

  • Evaluation of per patient costs for the manufacturing of autologous chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-T cell therapies at commercial scale
  • Costs associated with goods, labor, operating expenses (OpEx), and capital expenses (CapEx)
  • A typical autologous CAR-T product, the model estimates that the Cellares Cell Shuttle will decrease the total manufacturing costs by 65%