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Amy Marcus

Program Specialist

Online Information Session

Certificate Program in Student Affairs and Higher-Education Administration

When we think about student affairs, we’re talking about the concept of learning and development. There are some key foundational theories and models that we look at, such as how do we create experiences that help students develop holistically while they're in college?

In this certificate program, you will learn about the history of student affairs in the evolving higher-education landscape. Focus on new areas of student life and student affairs, including technology classroom delivery services, how budgets impact higher education and student culture.

Learn how our certificate can prepare you for a position in admissions, orientation, residential programs, multicultural affairs and student unions. You’ll also learn about the nuts and bolts of our certificate and how you can get started.

What We'll Discuss

  • Various employment opportunities
  • Certificate curriculum requirements
  • Course options
  • Your practicing instructors
  • What our graduates go on to do
  • Your next step