Interactive Seminar on FinTech With Professor Gregory La Blanc

The world of finance is undergoing a fundamental transformation. As big data becomes essential and machine learning infiltrates all aspects of business, the financial services sector can no longer do business as usual. Financial institutions must learn from Google, Facebook, Alibaba, Tencent and Amazon about how to better serve the customer and make better products built on customization and personalization. This class will drill into what that means for finance. 

FinTech is about how finance is transformed by technology, and how software, data lakes, analytics, distributed ledgers and APIs are at the core of every finance function. In this session, we will discuss the basic trends at the intersection of finance and technology, how the big companies and small Agile startups are eating away at the dominance of the legacy financial institutions, and how those institutions are responding.


Date and Time:

  • Friday, July 24, 7-7:30 pm (Pacific Time)
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