A&D Forward Pricing Rates: Maximize transparency of indirect allocations with Oracle PCMCS

A&D companies leveraging Excel and other custom technologies to develop forward pricing rates often experience slower cycle-times, higher potential for errors, and lack visibility to the allocation of costs. To be competitive and compliant in today’s A&D market, it is critical to have an efficient and accurate process for establishing forward pricing rates. Developing the forward pricing rates can be streamlined and automated with reporting that meets the requirements of management and auditors. 

Attend Peloton’s A&D Forward Pricing Rates webinar to learn how to leverage Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Cloud Services (PCMCS) to: 

  • Simplify the allocation process and core logic 
  • Automate and institutionalize the allocation process 
  • Drive visibility and transparency into the allocation process 
  • Produce system reporting to support DCAA Audits and internal reporting 
  • Simplify allocation maintenance through a graphical user interface 
  • Produce validation reporting of unassigned expenses and non-allocated costs 
  • Provide visibility to Over/Under of Actuals compared to Budget rates

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